This post outlines how to install the Xfce desktop environment on an install of Arch Linux.

(This post is primarily intended as a personal reference and thus is terse, opinionated, and without explanation in some places.)

Install the base system

Install Arch Linux.

Install the base packages

Install Xfce, X, and slock.

pacman -Syu xorg-server xorg-xinit xfce4 slock

Configure the startx command

Ensure you are any user other than root.

Edit ~/.xinitrc and add the following line.

exec startxfce4

Start the window manager

Use startx after logging in to start X. No display manager for you.

Test out the lock screen

slock is a superior lock screen which will be used automatically. Simply enter your password to unlock.

Replicate start-menu behaviour

Bind winkey to xfce4-appfinder in keyboard settings.

Stop maximised windows overlaying the panel

Edit the panel and uncheck "Don't reserve space on borders".